By welcoming the Islamic holy month of Ramadan this year we have put together our special fast-breaking menu at the Armada Terrace, which is acclaimed as one of “Istanbul’s Classisc”. Once again, we are ready to have you experience this local culture with our exquisite menu, combining healthy as well as tasty cuisine, alongside our traditional sherbet and well brewed tea in our uniquely designed semovars.


During the dinner cold  “Ahırkapı Sherbet” and brewed hot  “Turkish Tea” served with unique Armada Semovars.

Soup Of The Day (alternatively )
Aubergine soup with almond , or Tomato soup with fresh mint, or “Vezir” soup

Starters ( “Iftariye” In Turkish )
Olive varieties, honey, butter served over ice, homemade jam varieties, “Sucuk”( Spicy Turkish Sausage ), Pastrami, Turkish cheese varieties, Extra Virgin with Olive Oil with Spice and Dolma ( Rice Wrapped in Vine Leaves with Olive Oil), tomatoes,cucumber, green pepper, date, “Pide” ( Pitta ) with whole –wheat

Olive Oil Dish
Eggplant cooked in olive oil with onions, garlic and tomato

Hot Meal
Vegetable pastry with yogurt sauce

Main Dish ( alternatively )
“Lamb in tandori with rice” , or “Chicken veal with vegetable”, or  “Veal stew with eggplant puree”

“Güllaç” – Traditional Ramadan Dessert ( Starch Wafers Filled with Walnuts in Milky Syrup and Rose Water ), or Cherry falvored Baklava, and Homemade ice cream from our mobile ice cream cart when leaving

If you wish you can also enjoy our dessert table that includes: Kadaif, Sugarbit, rice pudding, Cheese dessert, Pishmaniye, Cezerye  and Seasonal fresh fruits

Iftar at Armada Terrace with live lute music
Price : 155 TL ( included / Per Person )