Armada lovers know it well; We always prefer to incorporate local products into our menus. It’s our desire to present the variety and quality of our country’s local wines and cheeses to our local and foreign guests. And, of course, it also gives us great pleasure to support our local producers and our food culture.

We continue our tradition of presenting Anatolian wines produced at different vineyards and our unique cheeses from different regions every Tuesday at Armada Terrace at our “Evening Wine and Cheese Tasting” events.

We have created two menus from these special wines and cheeses produced in our country that are becoming more famous around the world every day. We invite you to enjoy these tastes across from the magnificent views of Armada Terrace.

Evening Wine and Cheese Tasting Menu

Anatolian Cheese Platter and bottle (70 cl) of Red Wine

Anatolian Cheese Platter (5 varieties)
Aged Kashar – Thrace, Goat Cheese – Izmir, Smoked Circassian Cheese, Kars Gruyere, Goat Cheese – Erzincan

Kabatepe / Suvla - Cabarnet Sauvignon, Syrah, Karasakız        110 TL ( for 2 persons)

Syrah / Egeo / Kavaklıdere – Syrah Manisa  210 TL ( for 2 persons)